Analyzing numbers and putting them into a graph or chart can be difficult and confusing.  I researched a number of different sites that claimed to be a simple process for analyzing statistics online, but the more I read on those sites the more confused I became.  I did however come across one site that I was able to input data and they quickly did the calculations for me.  This site was simple to use.  While having a busy schedule, it is important I use tools that are quick but have quality to them.  This is a site I see myself using when it comes to volleyball statistics. Who knows I might even start to enjoy stats. :)
There are many pros to digital professional portfolios.  Now a days you can access anything online.  With the aid of websites like LinkedIn, Prezi, Blogs, Facebook... we can share anything we want about ourselves at a blink of an eye. These sites help you market yourself in a more creative way. I have head more and more people saying they look to hire people off these sites.  Learning how to market your strengths can be ver beneficial and might open up a job opportunity you might no

Some of the cons about this method, is privacy.  With people being transparent to potential employers online, we are also exposing ourselves to others.  It is important to understand what and how much of your information you are sharing.
I have seen digital resumes before, but have never attempted to create my own until now.  Check out my resume on Prezi here.
The NBA Championships are here!  Who do you think is going to win?  Take this survey to voice your opinion... oh and #GOSPURS
In my line of work, teaching and coaching, I meet many new people each year.  Keeping up with everyone can be a daunting process.  My parents taught me at a young age how to network.  My dad was a football coach, so I watched him keep in contact with parents who ended up donating useful things to his football program.  He also kept in contact with players who would also donate time and money.  He could have easily forgotten about them when they moved on from his program, but he made it a point not to.  My mom is in real estate.  This is a career that relies on networking in order to be successful.  (If anyone is looking to buy or sell a house in CA or OR let me know.  You can even go to my mom's website here.)

Now that I am also a coach, I see how networking can greatly impact your program.  If I only relied on myself for fundraising or to help the program, we would not have all the equipment we do now.  When it comes to sports, there are usually parents around the corner who want to help, but don't know how they can be of service.  We all have different things we are good at.  I recommend asking those around your for help.  Just like in sports, if you work as a team you will go farther than if you work by yourself. 

The saying "It's not what you know, but who you know" can definitely be true in this day and age.  I think it is very important to learn, but it is also important to network and keep in touch with others.  You never know when you might need their expertise or the other way around, you can help them with something.   

LinkedIn is a great place to keep in touch with others.  With online social media, we can easily talk to people who live anywhere in the world.  Technology is great for professional networking, but I try to mix it in with a  little old fashion ways as well.  When I meet someone that I feel would be a good contact, I write them a little letter.  Few people write letters anymore, so I end up standing out, which is a good thing when trying to be remembered.  My letter is usually really simple like saying, "It was a pleasure to meet you" and "I hope we can stay in touch."  This simple gesture can be a key ingredient in professional networking.  It is important to make a lasting impression, but it is also important to remind them of who you are periodically.  One way to do this is sending them Christmas cards, or finding out when their birthday is and sending them birthday card or a little present. 

These tips have been passed down to me and I hope inspire and help you in your professional networking.   
I run into the problem of coordinating with a lot of people, with many emails back and forth as the main form of communication.  While coaching I am trying to coordinate team meals, snack shack duties and end of the season banquet potluck.  I am also a teacher so I receive many many (yes that's two many's) emails a day.  Wiki pages seems like an answer to my problem.  The idea that I can create a document, send it to everyone and they basically coordinate the rest by themselves seems amazing. This is something I will try this year with my team .
It seems like every year there are 5 new social media sites.  Almost everyone has heard of Facebook, and many people all over the world have a Facebook profile.   When I graduated from high school, I was sad I would lose touch with friends going to different colleges, but luckily for me Facebook came out around that time.  It was new and exciting. I could keep in touch with friends while seeing pictures of what they have been up to.  I am usually a pretty cautious person, so I will not add someone as a friend unless I know them.  This fact makes it difficult for networking outside of my current group of friends.

LinkedIn was a site a few friends told me about a couple years ago.  They said it was similar to Facebook, but used more for networking in a professional setting.  I created an account, but didn't really do anything with it until this week.  I found many past and current colleagues on LinkedIn, and am starting to add them to my network.  I view LinkedIn as a professional networking site that will be helpful to me in the near future.  

There are so many apps out there, especially when it comes to sports. There are apps that help with stats, keep score, and even virtual clip boards.  Many of these apps I use while coaching, but there is one app I absolutely love.  If you have never heard of "Coach's Eye" I highly recommend looking into it.  This app allows you to record video and audio, analyze and send via email, text message, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other number of sources.  I use this app all the time in practice because I have found my players learn better when they see what they are doing wrong.  I will record them doing a skill while I am verbally critiquing.  When I play back the video they see themselves and hear my notes.  I can play the video back in slow motion and draw on the picture to show them proper alignment.  Once we are done, I can send them the video to watch for homework.  I will sometimes send video without any notes to see if they recognize what they are doing wrong, or send them video of them doing something right so they can always go back and watch their perfect form.  They now have a split screen feature so you can watch two videos side by side.  This is perfect for comparing serving or hitting for two volleyball players.

One last note... Sending a video is incredibly easy.  I have recorded players during practice, and quickly sent the video to a college coach that is looking at them all while still being present in practice.  If you do not have this app I can not tell you enough how useful it can be for your sports program.   Here is a quick video demonstrating some features.

The Internet as a whole is used as a networking source. In the beginning the Internet was primarily used for information gathering. Now the Internet is used for almost anything. You can share your life through Facebook and Instagram, you can share your projects through Google Docs, and you can share pictures through tumbler, Flickr, and Pinterest. Even Wikipedia accepts contributions from everyday citizens for their data. People are sharing information content around the world. Through the Internet we are all linked together, making it truly a World Wide Web.
After reading the "Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012" I was surprised to find I use 54 out of 100 tools mentioned. I work at a school where we use iPads for almost everything we do. We have to stay up to date on all the useful tools and apps we can use in class. We have training sessions many times throughout the year. Having access to all these tools can be overwhelming, so I find a few I really like and try to master them. I am constantly looking at new tools but try not to take on more than I can handle. I wish these all existed when I was in high school. With these tools it seems our possibilities are endless.


    Kilynn Woods is a high school health and wellness teacher and a varsity volleyball coach.

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